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  • Here is small Finland. Many people gather up here at a handmade wooden sauna hut in the middle of forest.
    You will have the greatest time by chatting with your friends and familiy or taking another look at yourself in sauna.
    Even though "The Sauna" is for unisex sharing you enter with swimsuit, you can reserve the entire sauna. Please feel free to ask us for further information.

The Sauna's features


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    There are no TVs or other equipment in the self-built log house, and in the dimly lit space with flickering flames is a Japanese smokeless wood stove, a high pile of sauna stones, and a self-made bench.
    Bask in the heat of the wood stove, which warms you slowly, and listen to the sound of spluttering wood, babbling brooks, and birdsong while being enveloped in the aroma of wood and vihita. If you do the wax wheel, you will hear the sound of water popping and evaporating, followed by the soothing hot air and the aroma of homemade aromas.

  • sauna_water

    After exiting the sauna, you will go to the water bath that draws in subterranean water from Mt. During the day, it is possible to jump into Lake Nojiri, which is 100 meters away. Afterwards, you can enjoy a superb forest bath.
    The room temperature, water temperature, scenery, and sounds all change depending on the season, weather, and time of day. This is the primitive outdoor sauna that we experienced in Finland, the home of saunas, and wanted to realize in Japan.Please come to The Sauna for a "unique experience".

Sauna Introduction


  • No.1 -Yksi-

    The sauna of the beginning. A sauna hut built with imagination and passion

    The wood stove, with its imposing presence, is the very heart of the sauna.

    The lighting in the room is dim, and the flickering of the fire, the sound of the wood popping, and the light pouring onto the sauna stone are all beautiful in their own right.

  • No. -Kaksi-

    The second (kaksi) sauna hut built by the staff in 2020.

    The unusual two-story sauna offers the sensation of being comfortably enveloped in heat and the excitement of gathering with friends in the attic to talk.

    Compared to Yksi, the space is larger and you can enjoy an open feeling while looking out through the large windows.

  • No.3 -Kolme- (3 hours, full charter only)

    If we had one more hour of sauna time, what kind of view would we see, what kind of deep relaxation would await us? This twin sauna was created with this idea in mind, and it is set up to be reserved only for three hours. We have also prepared a special water bath with groundwater that can be used as drinking water.

    Please enjoy the sauna to the fullest with your loved ones and friends.

  • No.4 -Neljä- (3 hours, full charter only)

    Kolme's twin, Neljä.

    The sauna is equipped with a high-powered sauna stove by Mondex of Finland, and the seat is made of a large piece of old wood and is designed in a U-shape so that you can löyly and enjoy at any position and height you like. There is also a rumor that "Tonttu," a fairy who protects the sauna, lives in this sauna...

  • No.5 -Viisi- (3 hours, full charter only)

    This sauna is filled with a lot of sauna knowledge that we have made so far.

    It is designed to be even closer to a "Finnish" sauna than other saunas, making it even more enjoyable to löyly. The water bath is designed to resemble a "spring" and is available in two types: a deep-water bath and a shallow-water bath.
    A "sound shelter" has been installed in the outdoor air bath space, allowing visitors to enjoy the sounds of nature while bathing in the open air.
    We hope you will enjoy it.



  • The Sauna is available for 2 or 3 hours for both private and public bathing. Please check the reservation page for available times and make reservations in advance.
  • LAMP、The Both LAMP and The Sauna are closed on Tuesdays (open if Tuesday is a national holiday).
  • Towel and swimsuit rentals and original items are also available. Please check the reservation page for details.

How to enjoy the sauna


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